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  • Super awesome blogger landing page minisite template

    Super awesome blogger landing page minisite template

    Minisite (Landing Page) is a type or concept of a single page web page (one page) on the internet. Minisite (Landing Page) or can also be called as a web page / mini blog that is concise, and is usually used as a web page / blog for the promotion of a product, either a physical product or a digital product. Making a minisite as an internet marketing strategy that only has one goal, namely directing visitors to stay focused on the products offered.

    The beginning of the emergence of minisites, namely in the era of the 90s, minisites were created to support direct mail-style marketing campaigns that inserted minisite links. Gradually the use of minisite is increasing along with the development of the internet which is increasingly rapid and easily accessible.

    For product owners, it will be easier to create a one-page website (more precisely, only a few pages), create and distribute it, rather than creating a company profile website or blog articles in general that must be updated continuously.

    Minisite refers to a single page website so this website / blog is really created to provoke the curiosity of visitors by using fantastic and seductive marketing language. Minisite is characterized by its eye catching appearance. The use of striking primary colors such as yellow, blue and red which is quite dominant and the use of large font sizes. The current trend is the use of animations or videos that contain testimonials, which is certainly more pleasing to visitors because there is no need to use the mouse scroll button to browse the web page / blog to the bottom of the page.

    Brief Information

    A minisite is a website where a company offers information about a particular product or product group. Typically, minisites are enhanced by a variety of multimedia content, such as animation, narrated introduction, and accompanied by a visual scheme that complements the product well.

    For example, a soft drink company might have minisites in bright colors and a carbonated bubble print. It offers a more immersive experience for visitors, compared to traditional company websites, which are usually presented in a classic professional layout depicting company statistics and various operations, and technical details of the product.

    Minisite can also refer to a one-page website where the operator aims to sell one specific product rather than presenting the company's product portfolio. Unlike traditional websites, minisites typically consist of one-page websites that use a direct response marketing approach to selling a single product. Such products are often digital products that can be sold in a number of electronic formats such as PDF eBooks, interactive web videos, software, audio, podcasts, membership subscriptions, or eCourse online. However, it is also not uncommon for minisites to sell physical products.

    Minis have been around since the popularization of the World Wide Web in the mid-1990s when direct marketers adapted their offline direct mail campaigns to accommodate a worldwide audience provided by the Internet.

    Source : Wikipedia

    The basic concept of a minisite itself is SIMPLE, ATTRACTING AND SELLING Yes, those are the 3 principles that leverage the power of a minisite. Most of them contain an offer of a quality product equipped with a variety of graphics, images and language of sale.
    As a result of the rapid development of the digital world, changes in business patterns and marketing techniques are very drastic plus the trend of buying and selling online which is increasingly becoming a culture, automatically business competition is getting tougher, which is why minisites are so mushrooming in the digital era. Minisite can be said as a Super Salesman who will work 24 hours a day to present your product / service with one goal, namely to attract buying interest to visitors! And the good thing is, he doesn't need to be motivated and never complains about having to work full 24 hours.

    In terms of the cost of using a minisite, it is much cheaper than creating a full website. Using a minisite only needs a free web server that is always online 24 hours, usually using a blog platform such as blogspot, wordpress, typad and so on. The use of a minisite on a blogger can also be a product portfolio or a portfolio of individual professionalism posted on a blog page. Using a portfolio on a blog can give a good and professional impression so that it can be a positive point for clients or potential clients.

    In order to use a blog as a minisite (landing page), you need a theme (template) which is what the blog functions as a minisite (landing page). Here are some blog templates for blogspot with a minisite (landing page) theme that already supports responsive and Bootstrap features.

    For download templates, please visit this article :

    Template Minisite Landing Page Blogger Super Mantab


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