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    Blog recognition and comment technology

    Blog comments can be said to be one of the most effective ways to get backlinks, but if you do it right. This blog will discuss the most effective ways to make blog comments and share detailed information in order to find suitable blog comment sites.

    Before proceeding with the blog comment strategy. First, explore the technology of identifying blogs where you can comment and get backlinks. Use the techniques mentioned below in Google search. This will identify the correct blog list.

    Blog comment as compared to become one of the most effective ways to get backlinks but if you do it the right way. In this blog will discuss the most effective way to do blog commenting and sharing information detail to find the right site for a blog comment.

    Before moving strategies for blog comments. First, exploring techniques to identify a blog where you can comment and obtain backlinks.

    Looking for regular “follow” links to your site? This site is running Top Commenter, Comment Luv Keyword Luv, and DoFollow. Because of this; people who leave quality comments have the opportunity of getting backlinks to blog that they are promoting or affiliated with. What do the terms mean? The list below explains.

    Backlinks – Is what the word says; back links. If you are trying to get quality traffic to your blog or website, then having backlinks can increase the number of unique visitors to your site. By having your link or anchor text on others websites or blogs, when people click on your link you get a visitor. This increases exposure to your website or blog; while at the same time make you popular with the Google search engines.

    DoFollow – Is a hyperlink inclusion that tells search engines to pass on credibility or influence to an outbound link. When you leave your link on someone’s blog post in the comments section and it is approved by the blog’s owner; your link will be followed back to your blog. In order for this function to work, the original blog owner’s site has have dofollow running on their blog. Yet another way to become ranked high on Google.

    Comment Blog – Allows people to comment on your latest blog posts. You will see a little heart icon in the comment area. This lets you know that comment luv is running on a blog. It helps drive traffic back to the commenter’s’ sites and encourages more people to want to comment on your blog. Yet another home run with ranking high on Google.

    Keyword Organic – After leaving a quality comment on someone’s blog who is running keyword organic, it allows you, to add your target keyword in by using anchor link format.

    Anchor Link – This allows you to get backlinks from visitors to your blog or website. This is another Google friendly way to get a high page rank on Google.

    Top Commenter – When a commenter makes a comment on someone’s blog that is running top commenter; the commenter has the opportunity of having their comment posted in the sidebar of the person’s blog. That comment, if approved stays posted on the side bar for a month. This encourages people to return and post most so that their posts and links can be showcased. Google love this and ranks your site high on the page ranking.

    As you can see a blog having all of the above plug-ins running can be a benefit to you if you are also promoting your blog.

    At we encourage quality comments and testimonials. Any and all low quality comments made on this site will be reviewed and deleted. We are looking for high quality comments. In order to get your comment approved simply add a quality, stay on the topic of the post and your comment will get approved.

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